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Darla Fields

Darla Fields

B.S. | M.A.

Darla Fields is a believer in the Messiah Yeshua and an Ordained Minister who leads Bnei Tzion Olim, (Sons of Zion Ascending) a Hebrew Congregation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her first trip to Israel in 1998 forever changed her life. Since then, she regularly travels to Israel and has pursued studying and understanding the language and culture of the Bible.

In addition to leading a congregation, she speaks at conferences and works with Dr. Yana Sanders leading tours to Israel. Her desire is to see the Dry Bones of the Whole House of Israel from the days of Ezekiel awaken and be restored to their natural frequency. Her passion for the Kingdom of Heaven will ignite your Spirit Being and motivate you to walk in the realms and frequencies written on the scrolls of your life.